Physical activity during menopause: a therapeutic and preventive tool

Hormones. The word that, to women, is not just a simple noun, as could be other anatomical elements or structures that are part of female body. Hormones are key factors throughout different vital stages of female life, which not only have influence on physical development but also have many organic functions.

We have learned to coexist with them since childhood, but are we really aware that, when we are physiologically at the stage of menopause and their presence diminishes, it can lead to serious physical problems? What can we do to prevent them? What exercises are best for us?

All these questions have answers, and it is in our hands to remedy on time and to avoid the “greater evils”. Those women who have been active throughout their lives have a great advantage, since their body is more adapted to the physical activity and has been “accumulating” the benefits that the latter contributes to their health. Stronger bones, more flexible and toned muscles and a better metabolic control are some of the positive effects that are produced on the organism when we maintain an active lifestyle.

Thus, it is of vital importance that, from an early age, physical activity is incorporated into our daily life, but if this has not been the case, during the climacteric it is still time to get in shape and recover some of the lost time. You simply have to know what your personal background is, your individual needs and adapt your physical activity to the capabilities and possibilities of your body. Although there are general recommendations that are suitable for all women in the menopausal age, it is important to take into account that personal history can establish in an important way what the needs will be, and that is why asking the opinion of a professional, such as your GP, is not a mere banality. 
An appropriate routine should combine aerobic-type exercises with some in which strength-resistance is present. Aerobic activities help reduce weight, which at this time is often changed, and favor the control of blood pressure or glucose levels. In addition, they are beneficial to our cardiovascular health, and it should be mentioned that cardiovascular health issues increase their prevalence in women at this stage, so any intervention that helps, will be very positive.