Being a member of Clínica La Siesta allows you to access most of the services offered at a price significantly lower than our prices of private medicine.

Being a member of Clínica La Siesta, with no age limit, the discounts are valid for both children and elderly. There are also no limitations on the number of visits or restrictions due to existing illnesses at the time of becoming a member.


  • To have a much closer relationship with the clinic and the staff members.
  • To be part of a group of specialists concerned about your well-being.
  • Take advantage of rewarding discounts for a minimum annual fee.
  • Prescription discounts.
  • Discount on analytical and diagnostic tests.
  • By joining a Home Assistance program, become partners.
  • Members have access to a 24-hour emergency telephone line.

Contact us to find out more details and discuss the possibility of becoming a member at Clínica La Siesta. Call us at 966 784 195, write us an email at or contact us via WhatsApp (+34 692 134 136).