The delivery is a very special moment, the only blind date in which you know that you will meet the love of your life and for that, we, the gynaecologists, in whom you have entrusted the control of pregnancy and the delivery attendance, are committed to that responsibility. We must ensure both maternal and fetal well-being.
Childbirth is a dynamic process, not static. That is, it changes as the hours go by, and complications can arise that we must resolve on the way. If everything evolves favourably, we are the first to hear the preferences of the parents and adapt to them, as long as the baby or the future mother are not put at risk, because we understand that the desire of all the parents is to go home with a healthy baby. For this reason, in the face of any deviation from normality, the medical criterion must prevail.
A well-controlled birth can be synonymous to a humanised birth, without taking unnecessary risks, relying on the gynaecological team, to attend something unique and unrepeatable, the birth of your child.