Licence medical certificates are nowadays a compulsory requirement for every driver who wants to renew, exchange or obtain a driving licence or any other kind of licence such as one for dangerous animals, weapons, recreational crafts, cranes, etc.

But don’t worry! This medical procedure is a quick and easy process (only takes up to 15-20 minutes) that checks up the health status of the driver and verifies their ability to drive. However, the length of it can vary depending on the health conditions of the patient and on the type of licence they are renewing (it will be a bit longer for lorry and bus licences).

This procedure consists of a medical and psychological examination. The medical test is done by a general doctor and it explores your sight and hearing abilities, measures your blood pressure, cardiac respiratory capacity and some other aspects related to medication. The actual psychological test is, in turn, carried out by a psychologist and it consists of checking your cognitive ability, motor skills and perceptual capacities through two to four exercises made with the help of a computer.

After the medical and psychological tests, a picture of the driver is taken and a digital signature is signed  and, in the end, just for the renewals, the person will be given a temporary driving license certificate. Meanwhile, the Driving Agency will send the genuine driving licence to the address of the interested driver within 3 following months.

Driving licence for people younger than 65 years old will be renewed for up to ten years if the driver doesn’t have any severe health problems and driving licence for people older than 65 years, will be renewed for up to 5 years if the driver doesn’t have any severe health problems.

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