Currently, the big question is what will the New Normal be like? Everyone knows that the COVID-19 pandemic will not go unnoticed. Its consequences await us at the economic and social levels. Furthermore, the medical community warns of the probability of the second wave of infections. These are all large-scale events, however, one should not forget that there may also be a coronavirus impact on one’s health, a problem on a more personal level. So, should one worry about the possible side effects after having overcome the disease?

Is there a consensus on the coronavirus impact on health?

Doctors are alarmed by the cases that have occurred. But the coronavirus impact on health is just beginning to be known now and, for the moment, there indeed is an impact in a certain percentage of cases in the different groups of patients. The impact is more serious the older the patient is: neuropathy with muscle weakness occurs in those who were bedridden in ICUs for a long time, which can gradually recover with physiotherapy afterwards.

Can I drive once I have overcome the illness?

Yes, when the patients recovered from COVID-19 are discharged from the hospital, they can drive, except in a few cases where there may be some kind of restrictive consequences to psychophysical fitness, where it would be advisable to pass the psychometric test to be on the safe side.
The correct functioning of the body sensors is usually not affected. In this regard, drivers can rest assured. However, the probability of heart disease, which represents one of the main health impacts, is multiplied by four. Those who already suffered from it before can be affected at the time of their driving licence renewal, if their previous baseline situation deteriorates. The same can happen with chronic respiratory patients, given the incidence of pulmonary fibrosis (one of the main health impacts of COVID-19), although the probability of not being able to renew one’s driving licence for this reason is less relevant than in the case of cardiac patients.
Cognitive and behavioural disorders are also pointed out to be one of coronavirus impacts on health, along with depression. In most cases it will not be an obstacle to renew one’s driving licence, although some kind of treatment may be required. If you suspect you might suffer from COVID-19 side effects, visit your GP to discuss your situation.
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