In terms of health, we must be clear that we should not leave everything in the hands of public health. Even less when the politicians walk witih many doubts and when the Brexit peeks through the door. There is no doubt that having a private, affordable and fast solution in hand is the most reasonable thing.

In Clínica la Siesta we know the problem and analyze it from different angles, always providing the best solution. For some it will be the option of private health insurance in any of its modalities and with the coverages that it needs (health care, diagnostic tests, surgery, hospitalization, etc); for others it may simply be to implement the figure of the medical advisor (one who knows the specific situation of the patient and can direct it in the most convenient way); others simply need some procedure …

The foreign public with or without residence may be the most in need of our advice as there are many doubts that are arising especially with the loss of the health card by British citizens and the obligation or not to take out private insurance of health. In this regard, we must insist that nothing is clear yet, but that there will undoubtedly be changes and the different possibilities will have to be assessed.

For any question about MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE or about the possibility of associating with the clinic with the interesting gifts and discounts that this entails, we have launched a new customer service with which you can contact on Monday and Friday mornings from 9 a.m. to 14 p.m.