Nowadays, every driver must take a compulsory medical certificate to renew, exchange or obtain a driving license or any other kind of license such as dangerous animals, weapons, recreation crafts, crane…

But don´t worry! this medical procedure is an easy and quick (15-20 minutes) process that checks the health status of the driver and verify its ability to drive, however the length of it can vary depending on the health condition of the patient and on the type of license you are renewing (it will be a bit longer for lorries and buses licenses).

This procedure consists in a medical and psychological examination. The medical test is done by a general doctor and it explores the vision, hearing, blood pressure, cardiac respiratory capacity and some other questions referred to medication. On the other hand, the psychological test is done by a psychologist and it consists in checking the cognitive ability, motor skills and perceptual capacities through two to four exercises made in a computer.

After the medical and psychological test, a picture and a signature from the driver will be taken and in the end, just for the renewals, the person will be given a temporary driving license certificate meanwhile Trafico Office sends the genuine driving license to the address of the interested driver.

Driving license from people younger than 65 years old will be renewed for up to ten years if the driver doesn’t have any severe health problem and driving license from people older than 65 years, will be renewed for up to 5 years if the driver doesn´t have any severe health problem.