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What you need to know

How do I know I should test for COVID-19?

Everyone should be testing to see whether they have or have had this disease. The benefits of testing are twofold:
  1. Personal. The results will allow you to see the levels of antibodies of two types in your body, which report contact with the virus. IgM antibodies indicate a recent infection, whereas IgG antibodies indicate past infection. In the event that such antibodies are found, a certain degree of protection against this disease may be assumed. 
  2. Societal.  Allows to see the prevalence of COVID-19 infection and the percentage of population with antibodies. Social immunity is achieved when 80% of the population has antibodies. When it happens, the disease can be considered to be under control. 

How is the test carried out?

The test is carried out on the blood serum. Therefore, it consists of the vein blood extraction.

When do I get my results?

The results for COVID-19 now only take 5 minutes. After your blood is extracted, you only will need to wait for a couple of minutes in the waiting room, and the doctor will communicate the result to you straight away. 


The clinical trial of this product is based on the clear criteria for diagnosis / exclusion of the disease identified in the “COVID-19 Diagnosis and Treatment Program”. The clinical investigation was carried out in 5 institutions with the total number of cases being 447. Using this kit, 110 cases out of 126 clinically confirmed cases were positive, with a sensitivity of 87.3% (95% CI: 80.40% to 92.0%); 62 cases of clinically excluded cases were negative with a specificity of 100% (95% CI: 94.20% to 100%). The overall compliance is 91.49% (95% CI: 86.6% – 94.7%).