The medical chemical peeling consists in removing layers of the epidermis by applying a chemical agent, it is a widely used technique to improve facial appearance. With the renewal of the different skin layers is produced thus improving its quality with fewer spots, fine lines, wrinkles and better texture.
Although the peeling is indicated in cases of physiological aging and solar and to treat spots and acne, it can also be used as a means to “maintain a healthy, smooth, free of impurities and luminous skin.” Performing periodic maintenance the appearance of all such imperfections is prevented.
In addition, studies show that the application of peelings can prevent the onset of skin cancer by activation of certain protein on the surface of the skin.

The average peeling acts on the fine and medium wrinkles, controls the spots produced by the sun and is indicated in the case of solar and senile aging. It is usually used much as a supplement to many treatments such as microdermabrasion, lifting or radio frequency.

What is the treatment?

This treatment is done by provided by Dr. Pecino of Clinica La Siesta, the application of chemical agents facial level, after skin cleansing.

How long is the treatment?

The average duration of application of this treatment is about 20 minutes, approximately.
The frequency of peeling depends on the desired results and the substance used. It varies for superficial peelings, monthly. After obtaining the desired results maintenance is performed every six months.

What instances is indicated?

The superficial peeling brings uniformity to the skin tone and a more youthful and healthy appearance, tightens pores, softens scars caused by acne and fine wrinkles. It also helps control acne, folliculitis and sebaceous secretions.


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